We know that minor damages, like a shingle or two displaced, can be addressed with roof repairs. But what if it takes more than 30 percent of your roof? Well, a replacement is the answer, indeed. With growing prices everywhere, how much will a roof replacement cost in 2024?

It is around $12,000 on average for an average-sized house. Depending upon certain factors, the value can range between $6,700 to $80,000.

Before starting any project, having a budget breakdown is essential. But to free you from the extra headache, we are writing this article for you. 

How Much To Replace A Roof?

The ultimate cost to replace a roof is primarily contingent on the type of roofing material you choose and other factors.

A typical roof replacement will cost you somewhere between $6,700 to $80,000. Here is a quick breakdown of the national average:

Average Cost$1200
Highest Cost$80,000
Lowest Cost$6,700

It is evident that if you choose a copper roof, the most expensive in the industry, you will have to pay through your nose.

Now, I do not know how big or small your house is, but before I provide a breakdown of the average costs of different roofing materials, and inform you about when to change the roof, I recommend you calculate the replacement cost of your roof.

How to do that?

All you have to do is measure the square footage of your roof; it’s more accessible for flat roofs, though, because you don’t have to deal with the extra “pitch inches” there and multiply that figure by the cost per square foot of the material you choose.

While the cost is almost the same for both, sloped roofs are pricier than flat roofs, which I blame for the roof’s complexity and slope.

Roof Change Price For Different Materials

Materials with greater durability and strength sway the cost range significantly.

Roof Sizes (Square Feet)
Asphalt Shingle Roof$4,250-$13,750$5000-$18000$9,500 – $20,000$11,875-$25,000
Solar Shingle Roof$87,635$25,000-$40,000$154,000$50,000-$67,500
Metal Roofing$5,000-$16,000$7,500-$24,000$10,000-$32,000$12,500-$40,000
Tile Roofing$15,000$22,500$27,550$37,500
Steel Roof$6000-$16000$7,500–$21,000$17,000-$41,000$7,500-40,0000
Slate Roofing$7,000-$30,000$10,500-$45,000$14,000-$60,000$17,500-$75,000

Cost To Replace An Asphalt Shingle Roof

The replacement cost of asphalt shingles depends on the type of shingles you choose.


The replacement cost orders decreased in the following manner:

Luxury shingles > Architectural shingles > 3-Tab shingles.

Cost To ReplaceReplace Metal Roof

Metal roof replacement would cost around $ 000-$56,000.$13,000-$56,000 for an average 3000 square feet house. 

Cost To Replace Tile Roof

Tile roofs are an excellent choice known for their exceptional thermal properties.

Compared to the typical shingles, tile roof replacement is a bit pricey.

Cost To Replace Slate Roof

Slate roofs are worth the price. They are highly durable, provide an elegant look and can last up to 100 years.

Roof Replacement Cost Factors

The roof replacement cost is affected by the following factors:


1. Roof Size

The larger the size and complexity of your roof, the greater the replacement cost will be. 

Multileveled and gabled roofs are difficult to replace and require more labor, which automatically sways the cost.

2. Roofing Material

Different roofing materials have different levels of durability and longevity, which affect their costs.

The final cost is determined based on what you choose as your roofing material.

3. Current Roof Condition

It will cost more when it is not just the roofing material; you are getting your roof replaced from scratch.

If the other components, like the gutters and drip edges, are in poor condition, you may need to get them replaced, too.

4. Slope

Steeper roofs are no less than a challenge for workers to work on. The more heightened the slope of your house is, the more material and labor intensity it will require, adding up to the final cost.

5. Labor Cost

Different labor industries offer different labor costs. But sometimes the expensive ones are worth the quality.

If your roof has greater complexity and requires more labor, it will cost you more. That’s simple.

6. Your Location

The cost of a new roof replacement can vary depending on your house’s location. Permit fees, regional material availability, and local labor expenses differ by location. 

Costs in high-demand areas may be higher because of increased competition among contractors.

Roof Replacement vs Repair

When deciding what to go for, repair, or replace your roof, you must consider the following factors.


1. Age 

No roof lasts forever. If your roof has aged, repairing will not get the work done. Check out the lifespan of your roofing type and decide accordingly. 

If you are concerned about rain while replacing the roof, and if your roof is still pretty new, you don’t necessarily need to replace it.

2. Check If The Damage Is Extensive

If that heavy hailstorm last week has blown off your shingles and exposed parts of the decking, too, that’s serious.

Extensive damages should be addressed by replacing the roof because repairing is only a temporary solution and can lead to potential leaks if not done correctly.

3. Budget

Are you deciding between a roof repair and a full replacement? First thing first: check your wallet. Budget is key.

If your bank account is giving you the green light, a complete roof replacement might be on the cards. Repair is your quick fix; it is easier for the short term. But if you are thinking of a long-term investment, a replacement could be your golden ticket. 

Additional Roof Replacement Cost Factors To Consider

1. Removal Of Current Roof

It’s not like the new roof would come flying and be placed over the existing damaged one.



The existing roof removal would cost you, too, which is a crucial factor to consider when it’s the right time to replace the roof. This is one of the factors you should keep in mind before deciding anything.

2. Clean up

Good roofers will make sure everything in the near surroundings is wrapped up in the first place. But after the replacement process, there could still be a lot of messes to deal with.

This cleaning up also adds to the replacement cost.

3. Gutter Cleaning

If the gutters are blocked or get blocked by debris during the roof replacement process, they can stop water from flowing and cause side flows.

So, gutter cleaning will cost you some extra dollars, too.

Cost To Replace A Roof FAQs

What Is The Cheapest Roof Option?

If you are low on budget, go for basic 3-Tab asphalt shingles. They are the cheapest roof options and can last up to 30 years.

How Often Should A Roof Be Replaced?

While it primarily depends on the lifespan of the roofing material, on average, people in the US choose to replace roofs every 20-25 years.

Will A Home Warranty Cover The Cost Of A New Roof?

No, A house warranty coverage will typically only cover roof leaks caused by normal wear and tear.

What are the most expensive parts of a new roof?

The underlayment is the most expensive part of a new roof. It can cost $1-$5 typically. 


In this article, we talk about the average replacement costs of different types of roofs, the difference between repair and replacement, and what you should get.

Specific factors shared in the article affect the roof replacement cost. Hope we were of help to you. Thank you.