How To Install Standing Seam Metal Roof?


Consider upgrading your roof to something more durable. Metal roofing is a fantastic choice, especially the standing seam variety. This type of roof comprises metal panels that join together at raised seams. The space between these seams usually ranges from 12 to 24 inches, varying with the panel’s length. A unique feature of these panels […]

How To Install Gutters On A Metal Roof?


Learning how to install metal roof gutters is an essential part of house maintenance that everyone should know, whether they are experienced homeowners or first-time buyers. Gutters protect your house from water damage and support the maintenance of its structural integrity. Marking and measuring your gutter run is the first step in installing metal roof […]

Metal Roof Over Shingles Problems


Some may wonder if you can put metal roofing over asphalt shingles. And guess what? That is not recommended at all. You can install them, but unluckily, you will experience problems if you install metal roofs over shingles. Some problems might cost you a lot of money in the long run. Let’s get things underway […]