Do Gutters Have To Be Changed When Replacing A Roof?


Roof gutters, as we all know, are an important component of the roofing structure. What we hear the most from our clients looking to have a roof replacement is whether or not the gutters get replaced with the roof. The short answer is No. It is by no means like your roof will only get […]

What Happens If It Rains While Getting A New Roof?


The unpredictability of weather can be challenging to deal with when replacing a roof because we never know when it will rain, snow, or hail.  Rain can compromise the overall effectiveness and durability of your roofing materials and can cause project delays especially if it showers amidst your roofing project.  Your roof installation must take […]

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Roof?


Roofs wear down over time due to aging and exposure to harsh weather conditions like hail, wind, heavy rain, and sunlight. This is when we come in. As roofers with years of experience, one of the most frequently asked questions we get to hear is, “How long does it take for roofers to replace a […]