In today’s world, metal roofs are of the most prominent significance and dominate other roof types. These roofs must have gutters to avoid any water damage.

Please read my blog post in detail to learn about the ideal gutter system for metal roofs that offers durability and seamless integration with your metal roofs.

Can You Put Gutters On A Metal Roof?

Yes, it is highly recommended and necessary for metal roofs to have gutters installed with them. 

However, it is a complex process to put gutters on metal roofs rather than on traditional roofs because of the corrugated sheets from which the roofs are made. 

You should contact an experienced professional to install your best gutter and get it done quickly with this challenging task. 

Why Are Gutters Necessary?

The first and foremost importance is that gutters save your home foundation from any water damage. It may be rainwater or other water collected on your roofs. 

Gutters direct the rainwater or other water collected on your roofs away from your home structure, thus avoiding erosion, structural issues, drippings, and basement flooding. Therefore, they are essential for water management.

You must install a gutter in an icy area with snow falls or heavy rainfall. They avoid the excessive freezing of your apartment by moving the water away from your home.

Does A Metal Roof Need Gutters?

As you know, metal roofs are designed to wipe off all the water from the roof. But to maintain your home’s integrity, gutters must be installed to manage rainwater runoff. 

Does A Metal Roof Need Gutters

You can even finance a roof to install gutters.

 The roof and gutters cover every angle and aspect of your home. They protect your house from water dripping or snow seeping down the roof. 

I have seen some metal roofs without gutters. That was because of specific issues. 

  • Metal roofs are very challenging to install gutters with. You must hire the best experienced professional to hang gutters on metal roofs at proper lengths.
  • Some metal roofs lack gutter guards, which results in ripped-off gutters. The snow, water, and ice cannot escape the roofs even if the gutters are installed. Gutter guards for metal roofs must be placed to promote efficient working of the metal roof gutters.

Types Of Gutters For Metal Roofs

The best types of gutters for metal roofs which are tested for leaks and are secured are discussed in detail in just a scroll.

But you must put the best gutter guard on your metal roof for an effective working gutter system.

The leaf filter gutter protection guard is approved as  the most trusted and reliable among the highly researched and tested guards. 

It has a stainless steel micro mesh screen with a lifetime warranty. Its durable frames prevent bending and warping.

It comes with the best professional installation system at a cost.

Next is to find you the best types of gutters you can invest in to avoid any inconvenience.

1. Half-round Gutters 

In 5 to 6-inch width, half-round gutters are best suited for round downspouts as their design is best suited for them. They are known as traditional gutters, mainly used for historic and brick homes. 

They are available in aluminum, Vinyl, Copper, and Galvanized steel. 

Most importantly, their nature prevents any debris from being blocked in. They have several pros and cons because they are smooth from the inner side with no edges.


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It has a rustic look with a much more efficient shape.
  • It does not clog easily because of its shape.


  • It takes a long time to install as they have brackets to be installed first.
  • It cannot handle heavy water. Only less water is easily handled by it. 
  • Expensive.

2. Seamless Gutters

If you are searching for the best rain gutters for metal roofs that don’t get any leakage with constant rainfall on them, then seamless gutters are the best option for you to opt for.

It comes in a single piece of rain gutter with the most advanced trends in the gutter industry. You can quickly get them in any desirable materials like aluminum, metal, etc.

They divert the rainwater towards other suitable directions to avoid foundation or structural damage to the home.


  • They are less susceptible to debris accumulation.
  • Durable gutters
  • They are available in a wide range of materials and colors. You can choose whatever type you want. Seems interesting!


  • Expensive.
  • You will need a professional to install it on your roofs. As they are not sectioned out.

3. K- style Gutters

The most modern type of gutter you will see in every home nowadays is the K-style gutter. They are permanently installed on the fascia board because of their flat back. 

K Style Gutter

They withstand more damage than any other of the gutter. They are considered the most powerful gutters to handle heavy water flow and are best suited in rain. 


  • They are very easy to install at home.
  • Enjoy the cheapest option they offer.
  • With their modern look, they handle heavy water.


  • They are really hard to clean.
  • More prone to debris accumulation 
  • They rot easily because of the corners they possess in their shapes.

4. Box Gutters

You can guess its shape by its name. They are more likely in the shape of a box, mainly rectangular, and are also known as square Gutters. With a wooden frame, they look very different from modern gutters.

They are not hanging gutters but are tucked with their backs under the roofs. Because of their structures and power, they are widely used by larger and commercial building roofs.


  • They possess a great look that suits every building.
  • They have the power to drain more water. These gutters can help you drain heavy water during rainfall.
  • They are professionally installed at your home with a custom design.


  • They need to be maintained with care regularly.
  • They need to replace any of the rotten wood to avoid further damage.

5. Custom Gutters

Do you want to avoid the standard designs of your gutter system? Make your exciting and your choice gutter designs called custom gutters.

You can make your type of rain gutter.

 You will first learn about the kind of custom gutter you want; then, the style will be preferred, and finally, installation. Installation won’t cost a penny, as you will install it independently.


  • You can get your preferred choice of gutter
  • Self-installation will prevent you from emptying your pockets.
  • You can get your home’s decorated look by creating custom gutters.


  • As it’s not professionally installed, it may lead to specific issues.
  • It may not handle heavy rainwater if you live in a region of heavy rainfall.
  • These can be expensive as you uniquely design them.

Best Gutter Material For Metal Roof 

1. Aluminum Gutters

Are you worried about the material your gutter possesses? Get Aluminum gutters that offer easy installation and are best known for their corrosion-resistant properties.

If you want to invest long-term, go for aluminum rain gutters, as they are available everywhere. Moreover, these material gutters can be recycled, too.

The best-known k-shaped and half-round gutters often come in aluminum material. 

2. Copper Gutters

Have you got copper gutters at your home? If not, and you want a gutter that lasts for a lifetime of 150 years, then go for copper gutters.

Copper Gutter

They build a particular layer called patina around them to avoid corrosion. This material is soldered in the system, thus avoiding faulty caulking.

They come in various types and sizes with sustainable beauty. You do not need to paint them again and again like other material gutters because copper has its aesthetic value and gets better with time. 

3. Zinc Gutters

Suppose you want a gutter that lasts twice as long as the aluminum rain gutters; then zinc gutters are a full option. They are famous in the USA because of their beauty, quality, and long-lasting nature. 

They withstand corrosion and come in various styles and colors. So you can maintain your home compliments by choosing the right color and type for your home.

Things To Consider For Choosing Gutters For Your Metal Roofs

Do you need help with choosing a rain gutter for your metal roof? Selecting the best rain gutter for your metal roofs takes a lot of work. Look for the following aspects while choosing one for your home.

1. Area’s Climate

Look for your area’s climate before choosing a gutter for your home.

If you live in a mild or moderate climatic region, use aluminum gutters that best suit that climate. On the other hand, if your area is experiencing heavy precipitation, you must buy a gutter large enough to handle it.

You can opt for copper or galvanized steel gutters to avoid corrosion on your gutters.

2. Home Style

It would help if you considered the style of your home before choosing a rain gutter for your metal roofs.

Modern homes need a modern look with modern gutters installed, whereas old homes need to maintain their elegant appearance by installing copper gutters.

3. Price

Do consider the price of gutters and go according to your budget while opting for one. Copper is a pricier material than any of the others.

Aluminum and zinc are affordable and can be quickly brought by anyone.

4. Easy Installation

Some rain gutters need professionals to install them on your metal roofs carefully. At the same time, some don’t need any. It’s up to you.

Easy Installation

If you want a perfect installation, look through the gutter’s installation methods while choosing one.

5. Quality

You must remember to buy a catchy and good quality gutter for your metal roofs if you are considering selling your home soon.

By doing this, it will increase the value of your house. Moreover, you must check the warranty of your rain gutter. 

Gutters On Metal Roof – 3 Main Problems

Some issues may arise with gutters on metal roofs. We know they are essential for water draining, but they must be correctly installed or maintained to avoid problems.

1. Snow

In icy regions, your roofs can get covered with snow. Snow can damage your gutters and detach them from the roofs because of the heavy weight that the snow puts on the roofline. Thus, damaging the gutters and disturbing the water-draining process.

To avoid such problems, you should adequately vent your attic and insulate them.

This will prevent the accumulation of snow and the forming of ice dams.

2. Improper Installation

Most problems arise because of the improper installation of your gutter system. You may feel metal roof noise in the rain if your installation needs to be done appropriately.

The gutters may fall from the roof if they are not securely attached to the roof. They may fail to process the drainage of water if not installed in the right way. 

3. Corrosion

Corrosion issues may arise in your metal roof gutters because of excessive water exposure. Debris and leaves can quickly get stuck in them, and one can only manage them occasionally as they are on the roof. So, to avoid problems like these, you must follow a proper management plan for the smooth functioning of your gutters. 

Gutter Alternatives For Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are taking over the world because of their long-lasting and durable nature. 

Metal roofs are highly longed for because storm-affected roofs can be insurance claimed once your roofs are done with insurance inspection.

Here are some gutter alternative lists we have compiled for you to ensure the safety of your roofs.

  • Drip-edges ( effective in storm-driven rain)
  • Scuppers ( efficient drainage)
  • Rain chains (architectural styled)
  • Gutter guards (prevent clogs)
  • Hidden gutters (best for modern homes)
  • French Drains (effective in water diversion)

Gutters For Metal Roof FAQs

How much does it cost to install gutters per foot?

As the prices vary from year to year, nowadays, installing gutters per foot will cost from $8 to $25. The average cost of aluminum gutters ranges from $8 to $15, depending on the material. Copper gutter installation costs $15 to $30. Steel gutters cost $6 to $12, and zinc gutters cost $12 to $25. 

How long do gutters last in a house?

Gutters are an essential part of a house. Once you install a gutter in your home, you will need to replace it after 20 years on average. This may vary if they are properly maintained, regularly cleaned, and checked.

Can you replace the roof without replacing the gutters?

Yes, you can replace the roof without replacing the gutters. Both are different things to be handled. But do inspect your gutters. If they are in good condition and are working correctly, you don’t need to replace them; you can use them. 

How do you fix sagging gutters?

  • Start cleaning your gutters thoroughly. 
  • After that, clear the debris and clog. You can use a power washer or a vacuum. 
  • Next is to adjust the slope. 
  • Tighten the gutter hangers and reinforce the support. 
  • Finally, install a downspout to drain the water more quickly.


Installing gutters on your metal roofs is necessary. 

It avoids any water damage to your home structures, and you can live with your peace of mind at your home whether it’s raining or snowing.

This article covered the tips and things to remember while buying a gutter for your roofs. 

You must remember the different materials, sizes, types, costs, and installation processes while buying one for your roofs.

Be aware of the problems and deal with them by following the specific precautions and steps for avoiding any issues with your rain gutters.