I have got a soft spot for houses with metal roofs. They are tough and look sharp, and there is nothing better than drifting off to the sound of rain tapping on them. Most home insurance companies are fans, too, as they are durable and resistant to fire and hail. However, some home insurance policies might have a hidden trap that most homeowners do not know about.

Home insurance might cover issues with metal roofs, but it all depends on the situation and what the policy covers. Usually, home insurance takes care of damage from unexpected events or accidents, like hail, wind, or flying trash. 

However, regular wear and tear, neglect, and problems that existed before you got the insurance are usually not covered.

Metal Roof Insurance

Many people ask about metal roofs, wondering about my take on them and if insurance covers them.

Metal roofs, often pricier than asphalt shingles, might seem like a no-brainer for insurance companies when considering roof replacement cost.

Given their strength against impacts and hail, insurers would likely encourage metal roof installations, reducing claims and payout costs for asphalt shingle damage.

However, the reality is more complex. The initial cost of metal roofs can be an obstacle despite their long-term benefits. It’s a puzzle why insurance incentives are rare regarding the potential savings in damage claims.

This disconnect raises questions about insurance providers’ preferences and strategies for promoting more durable roofing options.

Myths About Metal Roof

Here are the couple of myths about metal roof:


Myth #1: Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Metal Roofs

Some people think insurance companies give metal roofs the cold shoulder, but that is not true. In fact, insurers might just become your new companions if you have a metal roof. Why? Because these are tough, standing up to storms and hail.

Your insurance company has got your back, and you might even catch some savings on your policy. 

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Automatically Increase Insurance Costs

Did you know some people believe metal roofs increase homeowners insurance and metal roof rates? That is a big old misconception! These roofs might give you a discount because they stand strong against storms and hail.

Speaking of hail, if you call home in a hail-happy state like Colorado, Illinois, or Texas, you could be in for a sweet insurance deal, especially when it comes to filing a hail damage roof insurance claim. Imagine living in Texas, where hail happens six times a year; you could pocket 35% off your insurance bill annually.

Does Having A Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance

The cost of insuring a metal roof might sometimes be cheaper than that of other materials. But companies like Progressive do take into account the kind of roof you have, and often, metal roofs receive a discount.

Before you decide to get a new metal roof, check with your insurance agent to see how much you could save on your insurance.

Metal Roofs and Potential Benefits for Insurance

The following are the benefits of insurance:


1. Lower Maintenance Costs

Owning a home means you are always on your toes with endless duties. Instead of emptying your wallet on constant repairs or spending hours learning DIY tricks, why not invest in a metal roof? Once it is up, it hardly needs a second glance, even after the wildest storms.

This way, you can focus on what really matters to you without the headache of constant maintenance.

2. Longevity

Did you know metal roofs can last 50 years or more? That is way longer than cedar shake roofs, which kind of have an expiration date. Also, metal roofs promise not to bend, break, chip, or peel. 

3. Durability

Metal roofs are the top choice in the roofing world! They easily face harsh weather and do not even flinch when branches or squirrels come over. These are built to last.

4. Fire Resistance

Metal roofing, like those offered by roofing companies in Raleigh, NC, is made from materials like zinc, copper, and steel, which means it is tough enough to handle lightning and wildfires. Unlike other roofs that might catch fire, your metal roof is chill and will not let the flames spread.

It is comforting to know that your roof is a protective shield for your family, keeping everyone safe and sound.

Do Insurance Companies Cover Metal Roofs FAQs

Can I Use My Insurance Claim To Get A New Metal Roof?

Yes, you might be able to use your insurance claim to snag a new metal roof as long as your policy includes coverage for roof replacement due to damage.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Metal Roof Hail Damage Claims?

Insurance companies might give a thumbs down to metal roof hail damage claims if the damage goes beyond the coverage limits for hail or wind damage in your policy.

Does Home Insurance Cover Metal Roof Issues?

You are in luck! Most home insurance policies are cool with covering homes that sport steel or metal roofs.


Does insurance cover metal roofs? It might, but it is all about the details and what your policy says. If a storm or quality is to blame, you could be in luck. But if it is just old age or you have been lazy with the maintenance, you might be on your own.